Acid Trip


Today I purchased the Glycolic Cream Cleanser ($12.99) by Skin Effects by Dr. Dover. This line of cosmeceutical products has grown exponentially in the five years since it was first introduced. Dr. Jeffrey Dover is a renowned dermatologist with a successful practice just south of Boston. His Skin Effects line of products are sold exclusively at CVS drugstores nationwide.

The Glycolic Cream Cleanser is a fairly recent addition to the range of Skin Effects cleansers. I always check out the skin care aisle when I’m in CVS, and I never noticed this particular cleanser in the Skin Effects section before. But when I saw it I wanted to try it, because my skin is dull, lifeless, acneic, acne-scarred, and rough looking. Plus I’m trying to stave off the first signs of wrinkles. (I sound like a mess, don’t I?) The Glycolic Cream Cleanser markets itself as an anti-aging cleanser. According to the CVS website, it “Reveals fresher, younger looking skin with each use. Improves appearance of skin’s texture, clarity and firmness; reduces the appearance of sun damage.” In addition to glycolic acid, it also contains hyaluronic acid microspheres to help hydrate your skin.

I tried the Glycolic Cream Cleanser tonight and I was surprised at its consistency. Other glycolic cleansers I’ve used in the past had the consistency of thick lotions, and they didn’t lather. The Skin Effects version is more pearlescent, still a lotion, but it emulsifies in water and foams a little, though I wouldn’t call it a lathering cleanser. I waited for that familiar stinging sensation that I’ve gotten with every other glycolic cleanser I’ve tried, but amazingly, the Glycolic Cream Cleanser doesn’t sting my face. I used it around my eye area and it didn’t sting my eyes either (and it removes eye makeup very well). It doesn’t dry out my face like other glycolic cleansers have. I chalk that up to the hyaluronic microspheres.

The Skin Effects Glycolic Cream Cleanser is the gentlest glycolic acid cleanser I’ve tried. Only time will tell if that gentleness belies an effective exfoliating and renewing powerhouse for my skin. You can purchase Skin Effects by Dr. Dover products at CVS in stores or online.

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