Due to a ruling of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding bloggers, as of Dec. 1st, 2009, all bloggers, when reviewing products, must disclose if they have received said products for free from the manufacturer or a PR agency on behalf of the manufacturer of the product. 

Most of the products I review in this blog are products that I purchase myself. I genuinely love beauty products and I’m excited to share my thoughts about them, whether good or bad, with those of you who grace my blog with your online presence. If I pay for them myself, I don’t feel so bad about negatively reviewing the ones I don’t like.

As for the products that I receive from the manufacturers or PR agencies, a complimentary product or sample does not automatically guarantee a good review. I believe in being honest about the products I blog. If I receive a product from a manufacturer or PR agency that I don’t like, or that I feel does not live up to the claims made by its manufacturer, then I will diplomatically but honestly say so. I don’t mean to be unappreciative about the samples I am sent, I just cannot in good conscience gush about a product that, in my opinion, doesn’t work for me.

I do not allow manufacturers or PR agencies to purchase a post. I have been approached by companies who want to write their own posts and pay me to put them on my blog. This practice doesn’t sit well with me. I maintain creative control of my blog at all times, and most importantly this includes the written content. I will not publish a post written by someone else that looks like I wrote it, and I won’t publish a post written by someone else with a disclaimer saying so. Otherwise I might as well hang a sign on my blog that says “Space for Rent.”  I don’t disguise paid advertisements as posts on my blog. I do accept paid advertisements that look like advertisements, with an image, and contained in the sidebars of my blog so there’s no confusion that these are paid advertisers.

I feel it’s important to clear the air about samples, freebies, paid and uncompensated reviews, etc. Going forth, I will disclose at the bottom of my posts if the product I am reviewing was provided to me, free of charge and for the specific purpose of reviewing on my beauty blog.