God Bathe the Queen

Kingsandqueens copy

My drugstore beauty binge continues. After I hit Walmart yesterday and scored a complete face-full of Hard Candy makeup, I stopped off at Target. Maybe it’s because I’m only semi-employed right now, but I’m of the mindset to try to find fabulous drugstore beauty products to curb myself of my addiction to department-store makeup and save myself some money. At Target I discovered a new line of bath and body products called Kings and Queens. I’m a sucker for cool packaging, and the bottles and tubes from Kings and Queens are gorgeous. Each concoction is based on a different royal personage and features a different graphic design. I purchased the Queen Elizabeth Sugar Shower Gel ($8.99) and Body Butter ($14.99). It’s pretty in pink, and smells sugary, but also fruity and tea-like at the same time – like a fruit tea with sugar kind of fragrance. The inspiration for this one is Queen Elizabeth I of England, as the text on the bottle explains:

    A four-day sugar feast was thrown to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I, featuring the sweetest art-de-la-table ever. Oversized sugar castles and marzipan beasts, complemented by the most inspiring tableware made of sugar, “sweetly” surprised the sugar-addicted Queen.

Other royal remedies from Kings and Queens include Sultan of Granada Lemon Flower, George III Lime, Nefertiti Honey, Chinese Princess Jasmine, Queen Isabella Cinnamon Orange, and Emperor Akbar Mango. All products are made with a “royal herbs” blend of pomegranate, blue Egyptian lotus, and malachite, as well as natural extracts such as hazelnut, grape, sunflower and avocado oils. The products are free of mineral oil and parabens. The company’s lines also includes showergels, body milks, body scrubs, eau de toilettes, soaps, and candles. The products are made in Greece, and the body butter is so exceptionally rich and moisturizing that it reminds me of the Korres body butters, also from Greece. Kings and Queens products can be found at Target or online at www.forkingsandqueens.com and Beauty.com.


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