Wicked Beautiful is Three Years Old

Twinsbirthday copy

Wicked Beautiful is three years old today. Like most three year olds, we can be fussy, cranky, and temperamental. But we also love going to the park, we can pick out our own clothes, and we’re easily amused.

I started this blog three years ago after being laid off from my job. While looking for work, my online job searches would sometimes take a detour into the world of beauty blogs, a world I hadn’t discovered before. One blog in particular stood out among all others: Beaut.ie – The Irish Beauty Blog. It was the first blog I found, and since I’m half Irish, it particularly appealed to me. Beaut.ie was fun and informative, and it inspired me to start a beauty blog of my own. Blogging about beauty products, a subject I’m extremely passionate about, helped me to cope with the boredom and frustration of being out of work.

Unfortunately, three years later and I find myself in the same boat, sort of. I was once again laid off, but at least I have a part-time job this time. It’s one that I love and that makes me happy. But there is still frustration at not finding full-time employment, particularly during a time when the country is in the worse economic crisis since the Great Depression. With unemployment at all-time highs, and new job openings few and far between, I once again rely on my blog to pull me out of my rut and make my day-to-day life a little more hopeful. I don’t know if anyone reads this blog, but I enjoy doing it for myself.

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