The Grateful Red


Last week’s episode of “30 Rock” featured guest star Julianne Moore, a redhead, as the love interest to Alex Baldwin’s character. Moore’s character (who happens to be from Boston, although her accent sounds more South Bronx than South Boston) is going through a divorce, and she revealed to Jack that her dream is to start over in life. All she wants to do is move to Florida, buy a condo, and “open a store where red-headed girls can buy makeup.” Funny, that’s my dream, too. While there may not be any freestanding stores for redheads, there is a website that caters to the makeup needs of redheaded, fair-complected women everywhere.

Just For Redheads started as a mail-order catalog in 1993, just a few years before the Internet revolutionized the mail order industry. It was founded “by a redhead, just for redheads.” That redhead was Paula Pennypacker, who looks today like she hasn’t aged a day since she first appeared in the company’s early catalogs. JFR offers products to meet the unique concerns of redheaded women, like mascara and brow colors in auburn shades to match red hair, and skin care products to treat the delicate, often sensitive complexions of redheads. I had ordered from one of those early catalogs, but to be honest, I just wasn’t that impressed with the makeup. But Just For Redheads has come a long way in seventeen years. Paula has been featured in People Magazine and on Lifetime Television. And JFR offers a wider variety of products than it did when the company first started.

Redheads Rule Girl’s Night Out Compact from Just For Redheads

Once you’ve got your makeup made just for redheads, you can head on over to Realm of Redheads, which offers makeup tips for redheads of all shades and tones. You can also become a member, create a profile, and take part in the community forums. While you’re there, don’t forget to order a sassy t-shirt to show the world that you’re a redhead and proud of it.

Reddevil copy

These websites have inspired me once again to embrace my red hair. I just requested a catalog from Just For Redheads. I think it’s time to give JFR another try. I’ll review them on this blog in the future.

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