Blast from the Past


For a limited time only, The Body Shop has brought back eleven of their classic products from the Eighties. Old favorites such as Blue Ice Shampoo, Fuzzy Peach Shower Gel, and Banana Conditioner are once again available. They retail for $8.99 each, or three for $20. Visitors to The Body Shop stores can vote for their favorite classic products by putting heart-shaped ballots, each with the name of one of the re-launched products, into a ballot box by the cash register.

I miss the old-school Body Shop, the way it used to be twenty years ago. I loved how their skin care products weren’t categorized into “lines,” such as the Vitamin E line or the Aloe Vera line. Back then, their skin care collection was an eclectic mix of fruit, vegetables, and exotic offerings like the Japanese Washing Grains. You could mix Dewberry Cleansing Gel with Cucumber Freshening Water and Carrot Moisture Cream and have a veritable salad of good-for-your-skin ingredients. The Body Shop’s packaging was fun back then, too; less “slick” and more disjointed, in a way, than the uniform labels that grace their current offerings. I was a big fan of their Carrot Moisture Cream, so when I saw they had reintroduced it, along with other retro products I had tried in the past, I took advantage of their three-for-twenty-dollars offer. I purchased the Cucumber Cleansing Milk, the Cucumber Freshening Water. and the Carrot Moisture Cream. The first time I used them, the overpowering smell of cucumbers and the not-really-carroty-but-kind-of-powdery fragrances from the products immediately took me back in time to the early Nineties. The overpowering fragrances of the Body Shop products haven’t changed since then, but one thing that has is the formulations of the re-launched products. They now use fair trade ingredients such as soybean oil and beeswax to retweak their classic recipes. My skin feels great after I use my retro regimen, but I realize that I shouldn’t get too attached to it because The Body Shop will only take these products away from me again. My only hope is that the reason for the heart-shaped ballots is perhaps that The Body Shop might relaunch on a permanent basis some of the products that received the most votes. I voted for the Carrot Moisture Cream. Now if only they would bring back the Rum Raisin Lip Balm, I would be a very happy girl.

I went to the ‘burbs today to visit my sister and we went to the mall. I saw this sign in the parking lot. I have never seen a sign like this before, but it’s nice that the mall is making shopper safety a priority. I especially like how the generic “Children Playing” kid is transformed into a little girl with pigtails and a handbag. Her mother, however, looks like a transvestite carrying a clutch purse. They just put a skirt on the male “Pedestrian Crossing” figure. And check out those shoulders – she might as well have an Adam’s Apple. They should have used the universal Ladies’ Room figure, the one in an A-line dress to symbolize that it’s a woman. Kudos to the graphic designer on this one.



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