FAB Skincare for Winter


First Aid Beauty hit the shelves of over 100 Sephora stores this past Monday. First Aid Beauty, or FAB for short, is a premium collection of skincare that caters specifically to sensitive skin and universal beauty challenges. The line offers both daily skincare basics and intense therapy and emergency care for common skin problems and beauty challenges.

    Ultra Repair Cream ($28) – a deeply penetrating over-the-counter treatment with ceramides, colloidal oatmeal, shea butter and eucalyptus oil to provide immediate relief for raw, scaly skin due to eczema, aggressive cosmetic treatments, harsh winter weather and other conditions.

    Anti-Redness Serum ($34)– a soothing treatment that calms flare-ups and reduces redness with a unique blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients and caffeine.

    Detox Eye Roller ($24) – an all-purpose treatment that diminishes fine lines, dark circles and under-eye puffiness with a caffeine and peptide-infused formula delivered in a unique roller-ball applicator.

    Healing Stick ($14) – a unique variant on the usual cream, a multi-use 1% hydrocortisone stick for skin reactions, chapping and bug bites.

    Blemish Eraser ($16) – a convenient tube that provides on-the-spot treatment with 3.5% benzoyl peroxide blended with anti-inflammatory and soothing extracts.

    Face Cleanser ($18) – a starting point for healthy skin, this calming, all-purpose wash is infused with therapeutic botanicals to preserve the natural oils that protect the skin and maintain a balanced pH.

I recently sampled the Healing Stick and the Ultra Repair Cream. I highly recommend both. The Healing Stick is softer than most conditioning sticks on the market. It melts on contact with skin, so apply with a lighter hand than usual. I use it on dry patches, and it also makes a great lip conditioner. Another use I’ve found for it is to soothe my new(ish) tattoo, which is still in its dry, kind of flaky stage. The Ultra Repair cream is rich and does a great job of protecting skin from the elements, especially the bitter, gusty winds that seem to be plaguing New England more than usual this winter. Yet it goes on creamy, like a souffle, and isn’t heavy or greasy. In fact, I’m going to pick up a full-sized jar the next time I’m at Sephora, where it’s sold exclusively. Not near a Sephora? You can also order online at www.firstaidbeauty.com.


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