Waxing Nostalgic – Country Breeze

Another discontinued Avon perfume from the Eighties, Country Breeze was my signature fragrance for 1981. 1981 was my favorite year – I was just getting into the second British Invasion and its New Wave music, I had a fashion crush on Lady Diana, and my aunt took my sister and I to London two weeks before the Royal Wedding. Although we didn’t stay for the festivities, we saw the city becoming transformed for the event while we were there. I still look back on that trip, and that year, with fond memories.

As far as I can recall, I brought two beauty items with me for that trip – my trusty Maybelline powder blush in Fresh Peach, and a bottle of Avon’s Country Breeze. Country Breeze was a fresh floral fragrance with a green, sort of grassy undertone. It was more restrained than Zany. Even the bottle was the polar opposite of Zany – a clear bottle with blades of grass in relief, and a simple, calming pale blue band around the cap. Like Zany, Country Breeze has also been discontinued for decades. But unlike Zany, I still have my original bottle of Country Breeze. And if I run out, I can always get another bottle on eBay.

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