Waxing Nostalgic – Zany

When I was a child in the Seventies, I loved getting Avon perfumes for Christmas. Mrs. Claus must have been an Avon Lady, because my sister and I always received something from Avon under the tree or in our stockings. Whether it was a snowman-shaped jar of crème perfume, a lapel pin of a puppy on a pillow containing solid perfume, or a bottle shaped like a girl brushing her hair, her skirt containing liquid perfume, a little Avon gift was always a pleasant surprise on Christmas Day.

By 1980, I was in my early teens. That year, Avon introduced a new fragrance, Zany. Zany was geared towards teenagers rather than youngsters. The crunchy-earthy/Holly Hobbie/Little House on the Prairie aesthetics that appealed to the girls of the Seventies gave way to the day-glo, frenetic style of the Eighties. Zany had a new vibe. It came in a vivid orange and pink-embellished bottle, its name emblazoned in orange script as if boldly and confidently scrawled across the bottle by the type of girl Zany would appeal to: vibrant, fun-loving, and, as the name implied, zany! A girl like – me? Well, maybe not. I was hardly a wacky or non-conformist kid, but when I saw Zany in the catalogue when our local Avon Lady came over, I just had to have it. I chose the roller-ball bottle. I carried that bottle around school in my Le Sportsac nylon zipper clutch, which was the bag to have at my high school that year.

Thirty years later, and I’m currently in the midst of a perfume rut (as you can tell by the fact that several of my previous posts have been about perfume). That bottle of Zany and that Le Sportsac bag are both gone – sadly, at the same time, as I suspect one of the Mean Girls in my class swiped my bag from me when my back was turned as I was putting books away in my locker. But I digress. Now it’s 2010, and thanks to the Internet and eBay, I can finally replace that bottle of Zany, even though it’s been discontinued for almost thirty years. I purchased this bottle of Zany on eBay. Not the usual, vibrant Eighties-style bottle, however, but a special Christmas edition of Zany in a Christmas-tree shaped bottle. Since Christmas was only last week, I can imagine that once again, I’m receiving a much-appreciated Avon perfume for Christmas, just like when I was a kid. It just goes to show that the more things change, the more things stay the same.


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