Frizz Be Gone

I've just discovered what has quickly become my "I can't live without it" product. I wandered into my local Sephora this past weekend, just to browse around. At the front of the store they had a display of No Frizz, a line of anti-frizz hair products by Living Proof. The brainchild of a talented team of hair aficionados lead by an MIT professor, the goal was to find a breakthrough solution "from a physics standpoint" and not through the standard methods of creating a typical beauty product. Instead of traditional silicone-based solutions, Living Proof set out to create efficient formulas based on entirely new molecules using advanced technology, so your toughest hair challenges are solved from a fresh, new perspective. The result is a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge, humidity-resistant formulas that work for all hair types. There are three formulas: No Frizz Straight-Making Styling Spray ($24) for fine to medium hair, No Frizz Straight-Making Styling Cream ($24) for medium to thick hair, and No Frizz Straight-Making Styling Treatment ($24) for thick and coarse hair. My hair is thick and coarse to begin with, but on rainy days my hair becomes frizzy and looks unmanageable, so I immediately grabbed the tester for the Styling Treatment for thick and coarse hair. When I smoothed it into my hair, it became noticeably smoother. I was sold. I now keep this frizz-fighting miracle on my dresser and use a dab every day.

No Frizz also makes wave-shaping, curl-defining products for curly-haired girls who also need to combat frizz, as well as frizz-fighting shampoos and conditioners. No Frizz products come in two sizes – 4 ounces for $24, and a 2-ounce travel size for $14. No Frizz products can be found at


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