Veggies Are Good for You

I hate vegetables. I won't eat broccoli unless it's smothered in cheese sauce. I'll only eat green beans if they're baked in a casserole with cream of mushroom soup and fried onions. And brussels sprouts? Not on your life. I will, however, put vegetables on my face in the name of beauty. Sort of.

In my continued efforts to find green skincare products that won't break the bank, I recently invested in the entire facial regimen for Yes to Carrots. I've seen this natural line of skin, hair, and body products in my local Target for about a year, and they always seem to be flying off the shelves. Every time I checked out the Yes To Carrots section, there would always be something that was sold out. Once I made up my mind to try them, it took me two trips to Target to get all of the facial care products. The Yes to Carrots line is intended for dry skin, and, as the name implies, the products contain carrot seed oil and carrot juice, which are rich in anti-oxidant beta carotene to protect the skin against damaging free radicals, which can break down oxygen in skin cells and age the skin more quickly. The products also contain pumpkin and sweet potato, which have enzymes to exfoliate the skin, and a blend of 26 Dead Sea minerals to cleanse, purify and moisturize the skin.

The C is for Clean Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser ($9.99) is a creamy cleanser with gentle exfoliating granules. Although my skin breaks out, it's also on the normal-to-dry side, so I don't like gel cleansers because they dry out my skin. I prefer exfoliating cleansers to clear my pores, but many of those can be harsh on my skin. The YTC cleanser cleans and exfoliates gently.  It leaves my skin smooth and soft without drying it. 

In the morning, I follow the cleanser with the C Today or C You in the Morning Moisturizing Day Cream ($14.99). I prefer moisture creams to lotions, and although this cream is thicker than most face creams, it penetrates instantly without feeling heavy or greasy. In the evening, I use the C Through the Night Night Cream ($14.99).  It's richer than the day cream, but also penetrates quickly. I follow my morning and evening moisturizers with the Eye Can C Clearly Now Eye Contour Cream ($14.99). Unlike the day and night creams, the eye cream has the consistency one would expect from an eye cream. Its lighter texture ensures that it won't run down the cheeks and cause breakouts, like heavier eye creams can. 

Once a week, I like to treat myself to a face mask for a little extra cleansing. The Yes to Carrots C the Difference Exfoliating and Soothing Mud Mask ($14.99) lives up to its name. After using it my face feel so soft that I can't stop touching it. recently voted this mask one of the 10 Best Green Cleansers.

The success of Yes To Carrots spawned siblings in the Yes To family of products: Yes To Tomatoes for oily skin, and Yes To Cucumbers for sensitive skin. Like Yes To Carrots, the Tomatoes and Cucumbers lines also contain Dead Sea minerals as well as a blend of vegetables and sea extracts. Yes To CarrotsYes To Tomatoes, and Yes To Cucumbers are free of parabens, petrochemicals, and SLS. I guess veggies really are good for you.

Yes To Carrots can be found at Target, and all three Yes To lines are available at Walgreens. Or go online to


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