Sumbody To Love


I was very excited to receive my package in the mail from Sumbody, a California-based company that makes yummy handmade bath and body treats. They have an overwhelming array of 36 handmade Bath Soaps, beautifully marbleized and moisturizing, with mouthwatering names like Coconut and Cream, Ambrosia, and Simply Parfait. Other soaps are more floral and fauna in nature, including Luscious Lavender, Seven Seas, and Sierra Pine. Since I have a sweet tooth, I opted for the Hot Chocolate and the Ambrosia soaps. Customers can choose either a 3-ounce bar ($5.95) or a 6-ounce bar ($11.88) of soap. They also offer three facial soaps as well as a shave soap.

I also treated myself to a few BonBon Salt Scrubs ($3.95 each) They're adorable, foil-wrapped salt and cocoa butter bon-bons for the bath. I tried the Coconut Cream first. The salt exfoliated my skin and the cocoa butter moisturized it. I enjoyed my BonBon so much that I got carried away, and used up the entire BonBon in one bath (or perhaps it's because I like my bathwater hotter than is probably good for me). But it was worth it, and at $3.95 each, they provide more short-term satisfaction than a grande brevi vanilla latte, which lasts just as long and costs more. Sumbody makes many things to make you feel good and smell delicious, including body butters and lotions, sugar scrubs, and aromatherapy products , as well as facial care products, hair products, baby products, and mineral makeup. Sumbody has five boutiques in California, including two with spas. If you don't live in California, you can order online at



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