I think I've mentioned in previous posts my habit of watching home-shopping beauty presentations. I enjoy seeing the products being demonstrated, and I get a kick out of those on-air presenters selling their little hearts out. But I have to admit, sometimes I'm swayed into buying something when I wasn't planning to. So was the case with Mally Beauty. Mally Roncal is a celebrity makeup artist who has done photo shoots and music videos with celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Hayden Panettiere, and Teri Hatcher. Mally developed her eponymous line of makeup for QVC. I've watched her presentations in the past. Mally herself is adorable, very effervescent and chock full of enthusiasm, though at times she seems a little too effervescent (does she have to call everyone "girlfriend"?). But her enthusiasm must be contagious, because when Mally appeared most recently on QVC, I decided to finally try something from her line.

I was intrigued by the 5-Piece Discovery Kit. For $29.50, you get a Shimmer Shape and Glow facial contour kit with two brushes, a single eyeshadow, and a lip gloss. The sizes of the products in the kit are smaller than the items as sold individually, and the cheek and eye colors come in cute snakeskin-printed-and-pink heavy cardboard palettes rather than the pink metallic cases for the full-sized products. But the pans containing the colors still look like full-sized pans to me. The two brushes that come with the Shimmer Shape and Glow kit are mini versions of those found in the full-sized kit. There are four color choices for the kits: light pink or light peach for fair-to-medium skin tones, and deep pink or deep peach for medium-to-dark skin tones. Being a pale-complected redhead, I chose the Light Peach to complement both my skin tone and hair color.

I was disappointed with the Shimmer Shape and Glow kit. The three shades of shimmery beige highlighter, medium brown contour, and peach blush are all pretty but natural-looking — a bit too natural-looking. When I apply them, they don't show up on my skin. Even when I rub the brushes that come with the kit really hard into the colors and swirl them onto my cheeks, I still can't see the colors. Thinking the mini-brushes were the problem, I tried my trusty MAC blush brush, but the colors were still too light. Too bad, because the concept of the kit is a great idea. By contrast, the eyeshadow was too heavily pigmented. The color in this kit is Brownstone, a deep coppery brown. It's really pretty, but when applied it's so intense that it would work better as a contour for the eye socket, or as an eyeliner when applied with a flat brush. But since the kit came with only one eyeshadow shade, it would have been nice to use a shade that one could just sweep across the eyelid. The lip gloss is pretty, but it also looks a little light. It's a pale peach shade, called BSexy, that looks almost transparent when I wear it. It's nice on its own for a really natural look, or over lipstick for a little more shine. Of all the products in the Discovery Kit, I like the lip gloss the best.

I really wanted to like Mally's products, but based on the products in this kit, I would be hesitant to try more of her line. I bought this kit because I thought it would be a complete makeup look that I could sweep on in an instant and run out of the house in the morning. Sadly, I am using blush and eyeshadows from other lines. You can see for yourself how bubbly Mally is on QVC, or you can purchase Mally Beauty online at as well as on Mally's own website,


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