Savon Fraiche



Fraiche makes scrumptious soaps that are pure, organic, and all-natural. I purchased three bars of their handcrafted soaps: Peppermint, Spicy Little Pumpkin, and Toasted Almond. I gave my sister the Peppermint soap for Christmas as a stocking stuffer, but I couldn't resist keeping the other two for myself (that seems to be my pattern of holiday shopping: buy one as a gift, and two for myself).

Fraiche soaps resemble cake, mousse, or tiramisu, and look like they belong on a dessert plate, not in a soap dish They're made with organic oils, goats milk, shea butter, and other natural ingredients depending on the fragrance. The Spicy Little Pumpkin contains pumpkin flakes to exfoliate and is sprinkled on top with ground cinnamon. It looks and smells like a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. The Toasted Almond has real almond slivers on top. The Rich Dark Chocolate soap is made with real Godiva cocoa powder and looks good enough to eat. And they smell gorgeous. Although the soap base is all-natural, Fraiche uses safe synthetic fragrance oils instead of essential oils because many essential oils contain harmful contaminants and skin allergens.

Not into soap that smells like a decadent dessert? Fraiche has many lighter options, including fruit fragrances such as Lemon Verbena, Mandarin Orange, Cherrylicious, and the intruigingly named Pomiscuous (a pomegranate soap). Fraiche also offers a collection of floral fragrances, including Rose, Gardenia, Lavender Fields, and Hibiscus. For those who can't tolerate any fragrance, Fraiche offers a fragrance-free Sensitive soap. In all there are 31 varieties to choose from. And to complement your yummy-smelling soap, you can try one of 15 Swizzles, Fraiche's version of the bath bomb. Themed gift sets and Trilogies, three-packs of soap, are a great way to try Fraiche products, or to get your friends hooked on them too.

Fraiche soaps are $12.95 each, or $33 for three. For more information, go to

Spicy Little Pumpkin (left), Toasted Almond (right)



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