Honey, I Dipped the Kids

Honey Dipp is a line of luxury spa products that uses natural ingredients to create indulgent bath and body treats. I recently sampled four Honey Dipp items: the Body Lotion, the Body Butter, the Sugar Scrub, and the Honey Bun.

The Honey Bun (above) is the most unique of all the Honey Dipp items. It consists of a natural sea sponge embedded in a chunk of glycerin soap. The concept is to make a lather with the soap and then wash with the built-in sponge. Think of it as a pre-evolutionary "pouf" (you know, those net scrunchies that intensify lather when used with shower gels or soaps). The sea sponge fell apart rather quickly, as most sea sponges will, but I was left with a shea-mango-scented glycerin soap that lathered nicely. I then moved on to the Sugar Scrub. The Sugar Scrub exfoliates with brown cane sugar, while coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, and passionfruit oils moisturize the skin. It comes in one fragrance, Burst – a citrus so zesty that it smells like it has actual orange peel in it. I could tell by the rosy glow to my skin that the sugar scrub seemed to get my circulation going while I exfoliated. After I stepped out of the bath, my skin felt so soft that I didn't need to moisturize, but I did anyway, because I couldn't wait to try the Body Lotion and the Body Butter.

The Body Lotion is light yet hydrating and absorbs easily into the skin. This is my favorite product of the bunch. It contains avocado and jojoba oils and shea butter. I tried the Coconut Lime fragrance, a delicious tropical blend that reminds me of a pina colada. For those who crave more moisture, the Body Butter is a thick, rich concoction of aloe, jojoba, and chamomile to soothe dry skin. It's perfect for drier areas like knees, elbows and heels.

With their products, Honey Dipp is helping to make a difference in the lives of women worldwide. Through their "Inner Beauty Outer Glow" campaign, a percentage of monthly sales of featured Honey Dipp products are donated to a variety of women's charities, including those for abused women, women with cancer, HIV and AIDS, and women living in poverty all over the world.

Based in Toronto, Honey Dipp products are available at select spas and stores in Canada (check their website for the listings), but you can also purchase the products directly from the website at www.honeydippspa.com.


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