The Perfect Foundation

LORAC is a brand of cosmetics that has a huge following among celebrities and mere mortals alike. Founder and makeup artist Carol Shaw has been readying stars such as Nicole Kidman and Debra Messing for the red carpet for many years. Thus it's hard to believe that, in all my years of beauty addiction, I've never tried any of her products before now.

My skin has been acting up lately, with severe breakouts due to stress. Because of this, I've been treating my skin like it's oily and teenaged, and not like it's dry and aging. The sudden realization that I should be treating my skin with more age-appropriate products sent me running to my nearest Sephora for a foundation that not only masks my skin problems, but treats my skincare concerns as well. After trying several foundations, all of which were too yellow or too dark for my fair, pink-undertoned complexion, the Sephora makeup artist came over to assist me. She recommended Lorac's Breakthrough Performance Foundation ($38) in Porcelain, the lightest shade. She chose the Lorac line because Nicole Kidman uses it, and she's about as pale as I am. Lorac's Breakthrough Performance Foundation is an oil-free anti-aging foundation. It contains SMS Complex which, according to the Lorac website, "combines pre-aging, anti-aging, hydrating, and smoothing ingredients along with antioxidants to help skin appear youthful, rejuvenated, and radiant. It helps to counteract the signs of aging by increasing cell turnover, and promoting skin’s natural ability to produce collagen; which has been shown to strengthen the skin’s structure." Sounds impressive, but I'm hooked because it's oil-free and contains an SPF of 14.

I am very pleased with this foundation. Although I do have to use a concealer on my most problematic areas, the coverage looks very natural so it doesn't look like I'm plastering on makeup to hide my skin flaws. I can't attest to its anti-aging claims, but it's a very good foundation that I can wear with confidence every day. Now I'm hooked on Lorac, and I look forward to trying some of her other products. Will they make me look like Nicole Kidman? No — but I'd be happy just to look like myself, only better.


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