My New Favorite Website

Besides Wicked Beautiful, of course.

I've just discovered a fantastic website. It's called Sprig, and they bill themselves as Your Daily Green Style Guide. If you want to learn more about living a healthier, greener lifestyle, then this is the place to go. Sprig features recommendations and helpful information on green fashions, accessories, beauty products, foods, and home and houseware products. They also profile celebrities at the forefront of the green movement (we're talkin' COOL celebrities, like Leonadro di Caprio or Kate Winslett, and definitely NOT Ed Begley Jr.).

The information on Sprig is offered in concise, encapsulated lists and columns to maximize absorption and minimize surf time (perfect if you surf the 'net at work). Their "Steal This Look" column tells you how to recreate a celebrity's interior, outfit, or makeup look, all green, of course. The "How to Eco-Chic" column offers green substitutions for things we use every day, like mascara or shower products. And their "Today's Products" gives you an at-a-glance fashion, home, and beauty product every day. My favorite feature is the "Best" list, in which they recommend several green products you can't live without, such as the Best Handbags for Fall or the Best Green Shampoos and Conditioners.

You can also sign up for the free email newsletters. Every Monday is the Fashion Newsletter, Tuesdays is the Beauty Newsletter, and Thursdays is the Home Newsletter. You can choose which ones you want to sign up for (I signed up for all three because I love fashion, beauty, and home ideas).


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