Fun ‘n Flirt!-y

I have to admit, the only reason I go to Kohl's is for their makeup lines. Although I love discount stores like Target and Marshall's, I've never found anything at Kohl's that I've just had to have – except for the makeup and skincare lines that are exclusive to them. They are all "diffusion labels" of Estee Lauder, which means you get department store quality at discount store prices, and without the pushy sales associates. Each line at Kohl's is like a mid-range version of an Estee Lauder company. American Beauty is like the Estee Lauder line – classic and traditional. Good Skin is like Clinique, with skincare products using the latest scientific advancements. Grassroots is like Origins, with an emphasis on natural ingredients. But my favorite of their lines is Flirt!, Kohl's youthful, funkier line of makeup aimed at the teenaged market. Flirt! is like the MAC Cosmetics of Kohl's, with an emphasis on color cosmetics (and unlike MAC, which launched some skincare products, almost as an afterthought after Estee Lauder bought the company, Flirt has no skincare products at all). Yesterday I left the house in stifling 90-degree humidity to treat myself to a mini-haul at the Flirt! display units.

With the advent of warmer weather, I always like to switch to lighter, sheerer makeup textures and colors. I couldn't resist Flirt's I'm Whipped Cheek Mousse ($12). Dab a little onto cheeks for a sheer, barely-there flush of color. It gives a youthful, dewy glow that looks more natural on complexions when it's hot and humid outside. I chose the shade Fantastique, a light peachy-pink, similar to Nars' Orgasm blush. It complements my red-headed-person's pale complexion perfectly.

Continuing with the mousse theme, I also chose the I'm Whipped Eye Mousse ($12). Like the cheek mousse, the eye mousse gives a sheer wash of color that doesn't look heavy or powdery like powder shadow can. I chose shade #7, Cross My Heart, a light pinky-peach (like the cheek mousse in Fantastique). It looks very bright in the compact but when applied it looks very natural.

Summer weather also means it's time to switch the heavy foundation for a lighter tinted moisturizer. I purchased Flirt's Act Natural Light and Sheer Foundation ($12). Although it contains an SPF of 15, it doesn't protect against UVA rays (the aging ones) because it doesn't contain Avobenzone, Titanium Dioxide, or Zinc Oxide. While I can't recommend it as a sunscreen (I use a separate sunscreen on my face anyway), I do love it as a sheer foundation. I hate heavy foundations anyway, and Act Natural Light and Sheer Foundation looks natural on my skin. And I applaud the wide range of shades it comes in. With my pale complexion, I usually pick the lightest shade of foundation within a line, and with many drugstore and budget lines, even the lightest shade isn't light enough. With Flirt, I was surprised to find that their third-lightest shade, Nude Envy, was perfect. While darker skin tones aren't as well-represented with the tinted moisturizer – perhaps because sheerer color can be more forgiving to within a few degrees of skin tone – Flirt also makes a stick foundation that comes in a greater variety of shades for both light and dark skin tones, with the choice of warm or cool shades of each color. And the pressed powder comes in the same shades as the stick foundation, so you won't have to test the powders separately to see what shade you take. If you take Nude Envy in the foundation, you take Nude Envy in the pressed powder. It's a no-brainer!

While I was at the Flirt display, I couldn't resist spritzing myself with their two perfumes, Flirtatious and Glamourazzi. Both have hints of vanilla, which is why I love them both. Flirtatious (pictured at top), their first fragrance, is an intoxicating blend of exotic wild berry, enchanting honeysuckle and creamy vanilla. I really love the combination of berries and vanilla. It vaguely reminds me of English trifle. Glamourazzi is Flirt's new fragrance, a sparkling blend of exotic flowers, spicy ginger and vanilla. It was a tough decision, but in the end Flirtatious won out. It's a better warm-weather fragrance, with its fruit and flower notes. Glamourazzi is heavier and spicier and would be great in colder weather, especially as a holiday fragrance. I'm sure I'll be going back to Kohl's to buy it once fall rolls around. Both fragrances retail for $35 for a 1.7 ounce bottle.

In keeping with their youthful theme, Flirt! teams regularly with young celebrities to create seasonal color collections. Past Flirt! Guest Creators, as they're called, have included singer Michelle Branch, actresses Milla Kunis and Vanessa Minnillo, and tennis superstar Serena Williams. Flirt! is available at all Kohls stores, or at


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