Equality of the Sexists

I don't know about you, but it used to piss me off every time I'd be behind an 18-wheeler with those naked girl mudflaps on the back. I never understood it. When I first started seeing them years ago, I rather naively thought it was the logo for a specific brand of mudflaps. But it wasn't an advertising logo at all! So what was the point of it? Was there even a point? Could the ubiquitous and iconic Mudflap Girl be nothing more than a sexist attempt to objectify the idealized but unrealistic standards of female beauty as determined by the uber-masculine and arguably misogynistic trucker sub-culture?

Fear not, feminists! Mudflap Boy is here, and retribution is at hand. Mudflap Boy takes the mickey out of the whole sexist trucker thing with a line of products featuring – you guessed it – a pointless naked man splayed out in a provocative pose. Mudflap Boy products include t-shirts, postcards, stickers, belt buckles, and trucker hats. Isn't it about time women sported a naked man on their wheels, whether they be 2, 4 or 18? Now we can, with the oval Mudflap Boy bumper sticker. And the Mudflap Boy trucker hat, t-shirt, and belt buckle will ensure your message will get noticed whether you're making a long-haul trip from Albuquerque to Boise, or just hanging around closer to home.

Mudflap Boy has been featured on Veronica Mars and Mad TV, and has appeared in several print magazines including Bust and Cargo.

Now that Mudflap Boy has gently poked fun at the trucker industry, does this mean women can wolf-whistle at construction workers next? Mudflap Boy products for women can be found at www.mudflapboy.com. Mudflap Boy products for men, including the double-entendre double Mudflap Boy t-shirt, can be purchased from www.mudflapboys.biz.


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