Ren and Primp-y

Ren Clean Skincare claims to be the first company to pioneer the concept of clean skincare. In fact, the word Ren is Swedish for "clean." But Ren is actually a British company. The line is called "clean" because it's free of parabens, petrochemicals, coloring, preservatives, and other synthetic ingredients. But this line isn't one of those homemade-type lines that use natural ingredients that do nothing to benefit your skin. Ren uses advanced bio-actives (i.e. natural ingredients that are effective) in their products. Their packaging is vacuum-sealed to prevent air or other contaminants from compromising the effectiveness of the product, thus enabling them to eliminate all preservatives from their products.

I first reviewed Ren Skincare in my very first post on this blog. I tried the Rose Centrifolia Facial Cleansing Gel and the Rose Complex Moisturizer for Normal Skin. Back then, Ren only had two cleansers to choose from, the gel cleanser for normal skin and a cream cleanser for dry skin. Since my skin is combination, with clogged pores, I opted for the gel cleanser. But that was a year-and-a-half ago. Since I first reviewed Ren, they have come out with two more cleansers, one specifically for combination skin, and one for sensitive skin. Ren also introduced new moisturizers to go along with them. So I decided it was time to revisit Ren and try the line for combination skin.

I purchased the Mayblossom and Blue Cypress Balancing Facial Cleansing Gel ($32) and the Mayblossom and Konjac Balancing Moisturizer ($45). The cleanser is a lightweight gel containing extracts of antimicrobial Mayblossom, Willow Bark (a natural salicylic acid) and Australian Blue Cypress oil to clear pores and prevent pimples while it balances combination skin. I like the consistency of the gel cleanser. It cleans my face but doesn't strip it. I'm not sure it entirely removed all of my makeup, so I just used a second half-pump of cleanser and went over my face again. Since my skin is so sensitive and breaks out easily, I'd rather cleanse twice (at night only) than use something so harsh it causes a negative reaction to my skin. I follow the cleanser with the Mayblossom and Konjac moisturizer. It's a lightweight gel-cream with Mayblossom and Willow Bark to normalize sebum production, and Japanese Konjac root disperses sebum to reduce shine and hydrate dry areas. It feels a bit slippery when I first apply it, but it absorbs instantly into my skin. It's perfect right now with the summer heat and humidity, but in the colder months I might go back to the Rose Complex Moisturizer. Then again, my skin seems to break out with heavier moisturizers, so I might try to use the Mayblossom moisturizer all winter and see if my skin still feels comfortable. For now, using Ren's products for combination skin helps my skin to feel clean and balanced. They're not too heavy, nor are they not heavy enough. They're just right.

Ren has a wide range of facial care products for all skin types, including serums, eye treatments, and masks. In addition to facial care, Ren also makes clean body-care products, including body washes, lotions, and body oils. They've even branched out into fragrance and hair care. In the span of just a few short years, Ren has already garnered a celebrity following that includes Kate Beckinsale, Kate Moss, Kate Winslett, and a host of other celebrities not named Kate (including Jude Law, Christy Turlington, and Sting). The company also donates a portion of its proceed to charitable causes in Great Britain, proving that their conscious, as well as their products, are clean.


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