Handmade Style Part Two: Handmade Fashion

Part One of my two-part series of Handmade Style focused on handmade beauty and personal care items. Part Two focuses on handmade clothing and accessories. The photographs featured below are all items that I purchased.

Metal Sugar: Cupcake Power, Activate! Metal Sugar is Melissa, a Georgia native now living in Brooklyn. She works in silver and other metals, and her work has an ironic sense of humor to it. Witness the Cupcake Signet Ring ($75). A tough, bold ring in oxidized silver that looks punk or goth, you would expect it to boast a skull and crossbones or perhaps a razorblade. Instead, it is adorned with something as sweet and innocuous as a cupcake. I love the humor in that. Humor not your thing? Her pieces that aren't so tongue-in-cheek have an organic feel to them. Whether you're looking for something classic or fun, there are many styles to choose from with Metal Sugar.

AHPeele: Adam first met Hiromi right here in Boston. Now they are married and live in North Carolina, where they make and sell screen-printed t-shirts and other articles of clothing featuring Adam's designs. Many of his designs are influenced by Japanese art, but I particularly loved this long-sleeved Old Style Sailing Ship T-Shirt ($32). Ahpeele makes a variety of limited edition tees, hoodies, zip-up jackets, and even a dress or two. They use quality shirts like those by Bella and American Apparel, and each purchase comes with a card with instructions on how to launder your shirts to preserve the design.

Tortilla Girl: Becky, A.K.A. Tortilla Girl, is an American fashion designer living in Paris. In her spare time she makes and sells handmade clothing and accessories on Etsy. I fell in love with her Big Fat Heart Tote, a white cotton serge bag with a large red vinyl heart. Becky makes each one by hand to order, and for $3 extra you can choose to include a magnetic clasp closure for extra security. I get compliments on this bag everywhere I go with it.

Loopity Loop Glam: Loopity Loop Glam uses metal and stones to create a variety of jewelry, but it's her belt buckles that got my attention. I bought the Punk Circles Buckle ($36) (shown here), to accessorize my most favorite pair of jeans ever -the Lucky Brand Maddy Jean, if you're interested. It gives the jeans an urban chic sensibility that, when paired with the Cupcake Signet Ring and the Ahpeele Pirate Shirt mentioned above, creates one very cool ensemble.

Strap: If you're going to buy a cool belt buckle, you need a cool belt to go with it. Loopity Loop Glam uses belts by Strap in the photos on her Etsy shop. Strap cuts and dyes leather into accessories such as belts, wallets, wristlets, and even dog collars. Strap's belts come with their own buckle, but you can remove it and replace it with a different one. Buckles by Loopity Loop Glam fit perfectly onto Strap's belts. The Cowboy Belt shown here costs $40.

The House of Worn: Worn is a semi-annual independently published fashion magazine. This mag goes way beyond the typical 'zine that is usually expected of indie publishing. Worn is a professional-looking magazine. It measures 8.5"x11", bound, and is offset-printed on semi-gloss paper, just like other fashion magazines. The articles are well-written and informative (issue #5 boasts a fascinating look at Elsa Schiaparelli, one of my favorite designers). You can order one issue, a 3-pack, or purchase a two-year subscription (four issues, every fall and spring). With your subscription, you receive a one-inch badge from their artist series with every issue.

If you want to take the handmade pledge to buy handmade items, particularly during the holiday season, go here.


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