Smells Like Clean Spirit

Dove, most famous for their ubiquitous beauty bar containing one quarter moisturizing cream, has come a long way in the thirty-plus years since they first urged women to take the 10-Day Challenge to better skin. Today the company has been at the forefront of the movement to encourage women to feel beautiful not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. Their ad campaigns, bolstered by events and lectures, seek to encourage women of all ages to empower themselves through increased self-esteem. The company is best known for their facial and body skincare products. This month, Dove launches a new fragrance-based line aimed at young women called go fresh.

Dove go fresh "is inspired by the philosophy that women in their 20’s need to gain a fresh perspective – today’s 20-somethings pressure themselves to juggle major life issues and achieve success by the age of the 30. Dove go fresh will inspire these women to gain a fresh perspective, recognize a wider definition of success and ultimately feel beautiful!" The new collection includes body mists, deodorants, personal wash, hand and body lotion, shampoos and conditioners, and it encourages women to refresh, energize and cool off through three distinct scents:
-Refresh: waterlilly and mint
-Energize: sparking grapefruit and lemongrass
-Cool Off: green tea and cucumber

Additionally, Alicia Keys will help 20-somethings gain a fresh perspective this coming Monday (March 24th)! Airing during the first commercial break of the highly anticipated premiere of MTV’s “The Hills,” Dove go fresh presents “Fresh Takes!” “Fresh Takes” is a new micro-series created by Dove go fresh. There will be five 3-minute episodes, each one touching on a pressure point of 20-something women: beauty, career, dating, family and friends. Be sure to tune in! You can view the trailer here:

Of the three fragrances, my favorite is the Energize line. The sparkling grapefruit and lemongrass fragrance wakes me up in the morning. I especially love the Energize body wash. It contains tiny scrubbing beads to exfoliate as it cleanses. I layer it with the Energize deodorant and I'm ready to head out the door in the morning (and I'm not a morning person).


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