Fafi Girls

In high school, whenever I was bored in class (which was a lot), I would doodle in the margins of my notebook. I didn't write things like "The Who," "The Stones," or "Led Zepplin" like the stoner kids did. I emblazoned my notebooks with sketches of hipster girls with punk hairdo's and funky clothes. Of course my sketches were cool – they just weren't very good. So when I got to college I decided to forgo the career in art and majored in history instead. Luckily for this world, there are those that have true artistic talent and pursue their passions. French artist Fafi is one of those people. Born in Toulouse, Fafi began painting her art on walls after she dropped out of school. Perhaps she was bored beyond merely drawing funky girls in her notebooks, but I'm not advocating dropping out – so stay in school, kids. Fafi started out drawing Martians before creating her trademark Fafinettes – funky, sassy girls that rocked the streets of Toulouse and subsequently, the world!

MAC's new collection heralds in spring with bright, clear, vibrant colors in packaging featuring Fafi's sassy Fafinettes. Her Franco-Japanimation-style illustrations are evocative of both street graffiti and fashion sketches. Each Fafi girl (Monoka, Ermine and Eriko) is "a nymphette with a Ph.D. in passion – she's an adventuress with a very animated love life! From Toulouse to Tokyo, the movie of her life is a rags-to-riches love story, an electric Technicolor dream in violet, coral and strawbaby anime." The Fafi Collection for MAC is a limited edition. It features 27 color pieces including eyeshadow quads, lipsticks, lipglasses, paintpot eye colors, a fluid eyeliner, a mascara, powder blushes, nail lacquers, and iridescent face powder. It also includes accessories such as brushes, vinyl makeup bags, t-shirts, a scarf, a tote bag, and Fafinette figurines. My favorite items are the Glaze Lipstick in Fun 'n Sexy (a bright pink that matches my iPod), the Lustre Lipstick in Strawbaby (a rich strawberry-pink), and the Iridescent Powder in Belightful, a sparkly nude that I wear as a blush.

And of course I had to get the Fafi Doll in Eriko, because she's a redhead like me!

If you want to get your hands on the Fafi collection, you'd better hurry. The line was launched just last week and already certain colors are sold out online. Also check out macfafi.com for more information on Fafi makeup and accessories, as well as sketches and events. Fafi also has her own website: www.fafi.net. Fafi had been painting the Fafinettes on walls since 1994. Since then she has designed toys and figurines and has collaborated with Sony, Adidas, LeSportSac, Coca-Cola, Elle, Vogue, and The Face magazines. As for me, I gave up drawing funky girls a long time ago. But that's okay. If I can't draw other girls, at least I can still paint my own face.

For good measure, a drawing I did in 1988 when I was in a band in college

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