I've recently rediscovered the NARS makeup line. Like every other beauty-forward woman on the planet, I've bought the NARS powder blush in Orgasm. Maybe it was the name, or the promise contained within it, but I purchased it in the hopes that, upon applying it to my cheekbones, I would instantly be transformed into an alluringly seductive siren that no man could resist. But alas, I was not. It turned out that I am so fair-complected that the color really didn't do anything for me. And after several months of using mineral makeup, I'm getting tired of the powdery look it gives me. Worried that it makes me look older, I've switched to cream-based makeup to give me a youthful, dewy glow. And what better way to start than with flushed cheeks?

NARS's Cream Blush ($23.00) in Guele de Nuit is everything on me that Orgasm wasn't. It's similar to Orgasm in that it's a peachy/pinkish shade with a hint of shimmer. But when applied to the cheeks, it goes from cream to powder and looks subtle when blended. A perfect flush of color. So far it hasn't turned me into an alluringly seductive siren either, but the name (loosely translated it means mouth of the night, whatever that means!) sounds sort of suggestive too, doesn't it?

When I purchased the cream blush, I also tried the NARS skincare line for the first time. I love using bar cleansers on my skin. I know soap is a bad word among some beauty industy-types, but what can I say, I love the feel of a big bar of soap in my hands, making a lather with it and applying it to my face. I feel my face wouldn't be clean otherwise. But I also know many soaps can be extremely drying. But upon seeing that big, white slab of NARS Purifying Soap ($22.00) at the NARS counter, I was intrigued. It looked beautiful, clinical, and modernist, like a piece of art. It just begged me to buy it. So I did. Created for NARS by Shiseido, the Purifying Soap promises to remove all traces of makeup, as well as purify the skin and help eliminate blackheads and clogged pores. Since my skin gets clogged and blemishes easily, I thought it would be a great alternative to the medicated acne products that have been making my skin worse rather than better. The Purifying Soap contains jojoba and macadamia nut oils to help prevent drying, as well as aloe leaf extract to soothe the skin. My face looks refreshed and feels softer after I use it, not dried out as it does with many other soaps.

So with a clear complexion and a subtle flush of color, maybe youthful innocence rather than alluring seduction might make me irresistable to men everywhere. A girl can only hope.

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