Organic Matter

I've been a fan or Origins since Estee Lauder first introduced its nature-meets-science line of skincare products – discovering my first Origins counter in Bergdorf Goodman while working in NYC in 1990. I was intrigued by their simple yet inviting packaging and products incorporating natural ingredients. Years later, I worked part-time for an Origins shop, where I became a die-hard fan of products such as the Eye Doctor eye cream and the Constant Comforter moisturizer for sensitive skin. But when I saw Origins has introduced their Origins Organics line of skincare products, I had to give it a try, as the idea of organic skincare products sounds so healthy and beneficial.

Origins Organics is the first major skincare line to be USDA-Approved and certified organic by the National Organic Program. The vacuum packaging is sleek as well as hygienic. I purchased the three facial regimen products.

The Origins Organic Foaming Face Wash with 73% Organic Ingredients ($25) leaves my skin feeling clean and soft, but not dry and tight. It removes makeup well, and a little goes a long way (I can clean my entire face with just one pump). I love the clove fragrance – it smells just like Origins' Cream Bar but is less drying. The vacuum pump is easy to use. Overall, this is a really nice cleanser.

The Purifying Tonic with 95% Organic Ingredients ($25) contains organic willow bark, a.k.a. salicylic acid, to purify pores, while organic vinegar removes dead skin cells. Organic Lavender alcohol naturally preserves this product. I sweep some on with a cotton pad after cleansing and my face feels refreshed.

The Nourishing Face Lotion with 95% Organic Ingredients ($42.40) is a bit pricey for Origins, but well worth the money. It contains organic shea and cocoa butters to moisturize skin, but it's not heavy or greasy. One pump is all you need to moisturize your entire face while protecting it against free-radical damage. It also contains organic essential oils of clove, rose, lavender, patchouli, and red thyme, so it smells as heavenly as it feels. I can't stop touching my face after I use it.

The Origins Organics line also features an organic body bar and a lip balm.


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