Bag Hag

Dancing in clubs. Shopping at Barney's. Lunching in trendy eateries. We go everywhere together. Of course, I'm talking about my makeup bag. We're inseparable.

Makeup and travel bags from Stephanie Johnson will enable you to tote your most essential beauty items in style. I just purchased my first of what will likely be many. The Stephanie Johnson line features twenty-seven different shapes of bags, from small cosmetic cases, to travel bags, to satchels, to tote bags, in over eighteen different patterns of fabric to choose from. Many can double as stylish handbags. And the website's Vintage section offers visitors a second chance to obtain older, discontinued styles.

Most bags range in price from $20 for a small clamshell-shaped coin purse to $79 for a large trifold hanging travel bag. And the company's Steph & Co. line offers a more affordable alternative, featuring the same great shapes as the Stephanie Johnson line, done in fun graphic vinyl prints like the safari-inspired Kenya Brown (above) and the cherry-blossom-chic of Georgetown (below). And like all Stephanie Johnson bags, the Steph & Co. line also features Stephanie Johnson's signature stylish zipper pulls, like a piece of faux bamboo for the Kenya Brown bags. Steph & Co. prices range from $18-$36 dollars.

With twenty-seven shapes and eighteen different patterns, you're sure to find a bag that's most compatible with you. Of course, it can't tell you if that skirt makes your butt look big, or hold your hand while you sob into your Cranberry Cosmopolitan because that guy you met last night didn't call. But isn't that what our gay male best friends are for?

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