Three Steps to Fabulous Lips

Today is the first day of fall, which means cooler weather is on its way. Personally, fall is my favorite season, but with the colder weather, I find my lips get drier and more chapped. But this fall, I'm ready to do battle with three (relatively) new products at my disposal. By following this three-step lip care routine, your lips will be smooth, soft, and full.

Step One: Exfoliate

The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ ($20) is an exfoliator that smooths and softens lips. Sugar gently buffs away dead skin, while petrolatum softens lips. You apply a small amount to lips, gently rub in a circular motion, and then tissue off. If a little of the scrub remains behind, I splash my lips with a little water and then wipe them off. My lips feel soft and smooth after using it. The Lip Scrub comes in six delicious flavors: Cocoa, Cinnamon Sugar, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Almond Creme, and Peppermint. My faves are Cocoa, Brown Sugar, and Cinnamon Sugar.

Step Two: Hydrate

Black Currant Lip Balm by Talulah Natural Skincare ($13) is a completely all-natural lip balm with pure shea butter and African chamomile to moisturize and soothe lips. It penetrates instantly to soften lips without feeling greasy or slick like so many tube lip balms do. And its light, clean taste isn't artificial. It's the perfect canvas to apply lip color (see step three).

Step Three: Plump

Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polishes by Bare Escentuals ($18) is a collection of lip-plumping glosses that add fullness, color, and shine to lips. It comes in six colors, all named after, um, strippers. Dolly is a sultry mauve luster, Bambi is a blushed pink luster, Candi is a juicy strawberry luster, and Amber is a soft peach luster. Bare Escentuals recently added two new shades for fall: Ginger is a cognac shimmer, and Brandi is a candied plum luster. Buxom lip polishes look deeper in the tube, but on the lips, they add shine and color without looking garish or unnatural. And the cheeky packaging (no pun intended) is irresistible.

I use this liptastic trio every morning to ensure that my pucker is ship-shape, or should I say lip-shape (sorry!). If I feel my lips need even more help now that the weather is getting cooler, I repeat steps one and two at night before bed. Why not tweak your beauty regimen for fall and take extra care of your lips.

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