Naturally Beautiful

I've recently decided to do more to take better care of myself, both inside and out. I'm cutting out diet colas and drinking sparkling spring water in an attempt to detoxify my insides and eliminate unhealthy additives. On the outside, I've started using a completely all-natural skincare line called Talulah Natural Skincare. Talulah Natural Skincare products contain no synthetic ingredients, no petrochemicals, no parabens and phthalates, and no animal products. Their face and body care products are truly clean, unlike some companies that claim their products are natural but use "safe synthetics" or preservatives. Talulah's products are completely vegetarian, and many are vegan. And none are tested on animals. Nicole Maust, the founder of Talulah, started creating skincare products out of her home in Portland, Oregon in 2001. Today Talulah Natural Skincare has moved beyond being a successful cottage industry to encompass a staff of people dedicated to enhancing their customers' external health through their natural, holistic products.

My favorite product is the Vanilla Bean Cleanser ($20 for 4 oz.), a melange of organic sugar (a natural source of alpha hydroxy acid), jasmine rice, saponified olive oil soap, Madagascar vanilla beans, and a host of essential oils. It both lathers and gently exfoliates, perfect for complexions that are sensitive to manual and chemical exfoliating products. And it smells great, too.

I am also very fond of the Oma Face Serum #1 ($22 for 1 oz.) for oily and blemished complexions (Talulah makes an Oma Face Serum #2 for drier skin types). It's a blend of essential oils that regulate sebum production while healing inflammation and scarring. For those who believe that you shouldn't put oil on oily skin, this serum consists of a base of grapeseed oil, a light, easily absorbed oil that helps oxygenate the skin cells. It melts into the skin and, once absorbed, skin feels super soft but not greasy or over-moisturized. It's a perfect way for oily girls to moisturize without using lotions or heavy creams that could clog the pores.

After a busy day at work, I like to unwind in the evening by luxuriating in a warm bath. Talulah's Saffron Body Wash ($23 for 8 oz.) in Orange Rind and Geranium is a perfect way to soothe both the body and the mind. It lathers just as well if not better than many synthetic or mass-produced shower gels without stripping the skin. And the warm, soothing fragrance is sexy without being overpowering – the kind of fragrance you could wear while sidling up to that someone special to get his attention without wearing perfume.

In addition to helping people take better care of their faces and bodies, Talulah Natural Skincare is also dedicated to making a difference in the community. Each year Talulah donates 20 percent of their profits after taxes to womens' social services through their Charitable Giving Program. Talulah really is cosmetics with a conscience.

Talulah Natural Skincare is getting ready to unveil their improved website this fall, along with a host of new products. You can visit their current website at


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