Mineral Magic

I stopped wearing foundation over a year ago. My complexion is so prone to congestion that I thought perhaps liquid foundation was contributing to the problem. So I cut it out of my makeup regimen. My skin cleared up somewhat, but I still battle blemishes on a regular basis. Because my skin still doesn't look as flawless as it could, I decided to try mineral makeup.

My package from Erth Mineral Makeup arrived last week and I've been dilligently using the products ever since. I've been using their Mineral Makeup Foundation, Mineral Concealer, Mineral Blush, Moth Veil, and two Mineral Eyeshadows. They're easy to apply and I can "do" my face in two minutes from start to finish.

By far my favorite product is the Mineral Concealer ($7.50). I've been using the shade called Wheat. In the pot it looks very yellow, but this is to neutralize any redness in the skin. When I apply it to the areas of my face that are red or broken out, it evens out my complexion and minimizes the appearance of breakouts. I apply it with a small flat brush as the first step in my mineral makeup routine. The concealer comes in four colors – three neutrals, and a green shade.

Next I apply the Mineral Foundation ($13) with a large fluffy brush. I use 1.0, which is the lightest shade. It looks natural with my skin tone and makes my complexion look smooth and even. The effect reminds me of that old Hollywood trick of filming aging actresses through gauze to minimize fine lines and wrinkles – not that I have a lot, mind you. But the mineral foundation definitely improves the appearance of my skin. And it has an SPF of 15 with titanium dioxide, so it protects against both burning and aging sun rays. The foundation comes in 7 shades.

After using the foundation, I top it off with the Moth Veil ($11). It's a colorless finishing mineral veil that helps minimize pores and further even out the complexion.

I add a bit of color to my face with the Mineral Blusher ($12.50) in Bloom. It's a bright pink color that, when applied, gives my cheeks a healthy rosy glow. The color is subtle and natural-looking, but it definitely makes a difference in brightening my complexion. There are four colors to choose from.

I also bought two Mineral Eyeshadows ($5.25) in Turquoise and Fern. Although they appear sparkly in the jar, they actually go on as a sheer wash of color for a natural, not overdone look. There are 16 colors to choose from, including brights, neutrals, and pastels for a variety of looks.

For $32.95 you can also try the 5-piece Mineral Makeup Kit. It contains three shades of the Mineral Foundation, a Moth Veil, and a mineral Warm Bronzer.

Erth Mineral Makeup retails for about half the price of other mineral makeup lines, and the quality is just as good. In addition to mineral makeup, they also make lip glosses and a line of natural skincare products, as well as several brushes for application of the mineral makeup. For quality and value, give Erth Minerals a try! And between June 8th through the 15th, any order over $35 will receive two free full-sized mineral eyeshadows. Erth Minerals's website is www.lushbrush.com.


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