It’s Hip to Be Square

My apologies for the Huey Lewis and the News reference.

Method, that eco-friendly line of house and home products, have introduced a line of personal care products. Called Bloq, this line of body wash, body lotion, shave cream, and soap come in square containers (hence the name – geddit?). The body wash, body lotion, and soap come in four fragrances: Beach Sage, Citron Leaf, Green Mint, and Water Flower, while the shave cream comes in the Green Mint and the Citron Leaf. I bought the body wash in Beach Sage and the shave cream in Citron Leaf. The body wash is very creamy and makes loads of rich lather, especially when you use it with one of those net lather poufs. The shave cream is unlike traditional shaving creams. It isn't a foaming lathering mess in an aerosol can, like most creams on the market. Instead, it's a non-lathering lotion that is very moisturizing and gives a smooth, close shave. And I adore the fragrances. Beach Sage is so comforting. It's reminiscent of those "oceany" perfumes, but with woodsy notes as well. Citron Leaf is both citrusy and green. As wonderful as the fragrances are, they are surprisingly unisex, so men as well as women would enjoy them. I look forward to trying more of the Bloq products. For under $6 each, they're a little bit of heaven in the bath.

Bloq by Method can be found at Target stores, or at the Method website.

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