It’s Back!

"It's Back!" That's what the banners read inside Boots stores nationwide in Britain yesterday as the popular retailer received new stock of their wildly successful No. 7 Protect and Perfect Serum. The serum completely sold out all over Britain a couple of months ago after an independent research study on skincare products sponsored by a popular British television program concluded that the Boots serum was just as effective at preventing and repairing signs of aging as prescription creams. Boots stores yesterday were packed with shoppers no doubt going through withdrawal after being unable to obtain the serum for several weeks. So newsworthy was this event that, here in the U.S., CNN Headline News ran a story on it, with a correspondent "embedded" in a Boots store in London as swarms of shoppers swooped in to grab their bottles. To prevent people from buying the serum just to sell online, Boots limited purchases of the serum to one bottle per shopper, but that didn't stop some people from buying a bottle, leaving, and then returning later to buy another bottle.

In the U.S., the serum is called Restore and Renew. It can be found at Target or at for $20.

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