Dancing with the (Super)Stars

I admit it – I've been a fan of "Dancing with the Stars" since it debuted in 2004 as a summer replacement series. So of course I'm completely engrossed in the current season. One thing that strikes me about co-host Samantha Harris is that her clothes remind me of Superstar Barbie (and, come to think of it, both come with removeable microphones in their hands). I think she has single-handedly resuccitated the fashion for disco-era halter-back dresses. And I find it kind of distracting how her eyeshadow always matches her dress – that shiny, metallic eyeshadow also popular in the disco era. Honestly, it's all I notice whenever she's on camera.

Two weeks ago, Revlon was one of the show's sponsors. It seemed like every commercial break showed an ad for their new Molten Metal liquid eyeshadow. And that week, all of the women on the show – the celebrities, the professional dancers, and yes, Samantha Harris – wore shiny, metallic eyeshadow that matched their costumes. In particular, Heather Mills wore a bright green eyeshadow to go with her green costume. Coincidence? I think not.

Heavyweight Champ Layla Ali

The Molten Metal eyeshadows consist of pearlized pigment in a clear liquid base. You shake the product to mix the two together before applying. It comes in six shades (green actually isn't one of them). The Molten Metal liquid eyeshadows are part of Revlon's Limited Edition Collection and so, like disco, they won't be around forever. You can get them now at most drugstores for about $13.

And by the way, congrats to Samantha Harris, who announced on tonight's show that she and her husband are expecting a baby.


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