Will Work for Lip Gloss

In January, I was laid off from my job. Not that I was upset, mind you. I hated my job, and I was quite happy to leave without having to give the requisite two-weeks notice and/or train my replacement. Nevertheless, the job search has been slow going. But instead of growing frustrated, I am actually enjoying my "enforced vacation." I started this beauty blog to give me something to do while I am unemployed. Another thing that I've been doing, and I'm slightly embarrassed to admit it, is watching lots of home shopping on television. I always enjoy watching the beauty presentations, even the ones I don't usually buy from. And of all the home shopping channels, QVC is hands-down the best for beauty products. They have managed to score all of the big names in skincare and cosmetics, such as Prescriptives, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Philosophy, you name it, QVC probably sells it. A new addition to the QVC family is Tarte Cosmetics. Founder Maureen Kelly (an adorable redhead, like moi), started the company with her revolutionary cheek gel stains, and now the line incorporates color cosmetics for face, eyes, and lips as well as for the cheeks. So I thought I'd watch a recent Tarte presentation on QVC, since I had nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon at 4 pm. Although I was tempted by so many products, I decided to go for value for money, being that my funds are rather limited at the moment. So I splurged on a trio of lip glosses. The Tarte Vitamin Infused Lip Gloss Trio Powered by Borba is a set of three new lip glosses. What makes them unique is that they contain the same vitamin infusion found in the Borba line of skincare water: "Each gloss mixes a cocktail of acai, lychee, grape seed, and green tea extracts with vitamins A, C, E, and K." The three colors are: apple-a-day, a sheer, shimmery hot pink; om, a sheer, shimmery pale pink; and liquid sunshine, a sheer, shimmery nude. Each tube sells individually for $21 at www.tartecosmetics.com, but on www.qvc.com the trio sells for $45. Hurry up and get yours before the set sells out, like it did the last time it was offered on QVC. These lip glosses were also just named as an Editor's Pick for best lip gloss in the April 2007 "Best Beauty Buys" edition of InStyle Magazine.

I'm psyched that I've just scored a set of three lip glosses for such a great price. Now all I need is a job to keep me in lip glosses. If only I could get paid to blog about beauty…


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