Helping Hands

LOVE LOVE LOVE this new hand cream from Perlier, the Italian bath and body line most famous for its honey cream bubble bath. After making bath and body products for decades, the company has branched out into skincare products. The Risarium Black Rice Hand Cream Intensive Age-Defying Beauty Formula SPF 15 (phew!) is, in a word, PHENOMENAL. This peptide formula contains 100% extract of black rice, an antioxidant. When I use it, my hands feel super soft, and they look better too. They actually look younger, if that's possible! I've started wearing nail polish again because I want to show off my hands. The cream, along with the rest of the Risarium Black Rice line of skincare products, is available from The Home Shopping Network at, or from Perlier's website at The hand cream sells for $19.50 on HSN, and at the retail price of $25.00 on the Perlier site. Usually I buy it from HSN, which has better prices, and often packages some of the products into kits for added savings. But for the month of April, the Perlier website is having a special Buy One Get One Free promotion on all the Black Rice products. I just ordered two more bottles of the hand cream from the Perlier website to take advantage of the BOGO, as well as more of their facial products, which I've also previously purchased from HSN. I'll review the skincare separately, but I will say they are as good as the hand cream. I am hooked on the Risarium Black Rice line from Perlier.


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