Got Rice?

If you've read my last post, you will know that I've been whiling away my unemployment hours by watching the beauty presentations on the home shopping channels. And if you've read the post before that post, you'll also see that I am a recent convert to Perlier's new Risarium Black Rice line of skincare products. Perlier is the Italian line of bath and body products created by the Borgheses, the historic Roman royal family whose lineage includes popes, patrons of the arts, and one very well-known makeup magnate. Perlier is currently run by Prince Francesco and Princess Amanda Borghese, the son and daughter-in-law of Princess Marcella Borghese, of the eponymous makeup line. You can watch Princess Amanda and her son, Prince Scipione "Skip" Borghese, on HSN. Princess Borghese looks fabulous for a woman with three adult children. If she is using the Perlier Black Rice line of skincare then I'm never going to stop using it. FYI, Princess Amanda's younger son Lorenzo was the star of the television reality series "The Bachelor – Rome." (Apparently, Lorenzo picked one lucky lady at the end of the show, but it turned out she already had a boyfriend, so now he's dating the girl who came in "second," but I never watched "The Bachelor" myself. And besides, that's another story.) Anyhoo, Perlier's Black Rice line of skincare products is a fairly new line, which I've just dicovered late last month. I've been using the entire line of face care products, with the exception of the lip cream, which was sold out. All of the products contain Black Rice peptides, rich in essential proteins to help fight the signs of aging skin.

Having just raved about the hand cream, I give you, as promised, my review of the facial products that I am using from the line.

Perlier Risarium Black Rice Cleansing Milk– a slightly runny formula, it nonetheless makes my face feel soft and clean after I use it. It has a light fragrance and it rinses easily.

Perlier Risarium Black Rice Toning Lotion– I don't usually use toners, as I think they're too drying and are more of a marketing ploy. But I love the Black Rice Toning Lotion. It doesn't contain alcohol, so it's not drying. It does contain glycerin, for added moisture. It has a light, clean fragrance and feels refreshing.

Perlier Risarium Black Rice Extreme Age-Defying Line Reducing Moisture Face Cream with SPF 15 – This moisturizer for daytime has an SPF of 15, so it provides UVA/UVB protection from the sun, an important feature for everyone, but particularly for pale-complexioned people who burn easily like me. It is richer than the night cream (see below), and it provides the perfect amount of hydration.

Perlier Extreme Age-Defying Moisturizing Double-Effect Night Face Cream – I think this has turned out to be my favorite product so far. It is a dual-phase moisturizer that exfoliates and hydrates. Two separate chambers dispense a pink gel and a white cream, which you then mix together and apply to the face. At first I was disappointed because it isn't a rich cream, and I felt it didn't provide enough moisture. But when I woke up the next morning and saw how good my skin looked, I was sold.

Perlier Risarium Black Rice Extreme Age-Defying Line Reducing Eye Cream -This eye cream feels great and hydrates the skin under my eyes. I only have a few lines under my eyes, and it seems like they're less apparent, but mostly I like the cream for the way it feels.

Since I started using the Black Rice skincare line, I feel my skin looks brighter and fresher. I look forward to the cumulative effects of long-term use of these products. Perlier will be introducing an addition to the Black Rice line. The Risarium Black Rice Intensive 14 Days Age-Defying Beauty Program is an anti-wrinkle serum that temporarily fills in lines and wrinkles and offers a temporary lifting effect. I received a sample packet of this product with the Risarium Black Rice Age Defying Beauty Kit from HSN, which consists of the cleansing milk, toning lotion, and night cream bundled together. I don't have very many wrinkles, so I can't attest to the efficacy of this product as a wrinkle-reducer, but my skin felt velvety soft when I used it for the one-time application that the packet provided. I would consider trying the full size when it is introduced, possibly later this month.

Being half Italian myself, I have decided to embrace my Italian heritiage and have become obsessed with the Perlier line of skincare and bath products. And, for that matter, with anything Italian. The Perlier Risarium Black Rice line of products can be found at, or at HSN is usually the better value, but for the month of April, the Perlier website is having a Buy One Get One Free promotion on all of the Black Rice products. The only exception to this being the better value is if you order the Age Defying Beauty Kit from HSN, which is a better value if you buy two kits than to take advantage of's BOGO offer and buy each product separately and get two for the price of one.


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