I’m Too Sexy for My Skirt

Remember that Seinfeld episode where Sue Ellen Mishke wore her bra as a top and inadvertently started an underwear-as-outerwear trend? Apparently Sienna Miller does, too. You've gotta hand it to her, though. Not every woman is secure enough to appear in public half-dressed. Sienna, the English actress better known for her boho chic fashions and for breaking up Jude Law’s marriage than for any of her movies, appears to have overlooked something two days ago when she attended the afterparty in New York for the premiere of her upcoming film "Factory Girl." Dressed in black tights, black Spanx, a furry top, and leather jacket, the bottom half of her outfit was conspicuous in its absence. Was she running late and, in her haste to leave the house, forgot to get dressed from the waist down? Perhaps after the party she was going to audition for the Broadway revival of “Cats” (at least that would explain the furry top). Or maybe she spilled red wine on her skirt in the limo on the way over and in desperation, tried to pass this off as a “look.” And she's working this look for all it's worth. Her confident "emperor's new clothes" stride (below) attempts to convey the fact that this was a deliberate fashion statement. And just like the loyal subjects in "The Emperor's New Clothes," onlookers at the premiere seem to be pretending not to notice anything unusual either.


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