Method to My Madness

Those of you who know me, or have read some of my previous posts, will know that if I go to a store to buy a particular product only to find that it is sold out, it makes me want that product even more. I have visions of "women in the know" (whoever they are), scouring the aisles looking to buy out the entire supply of that highly coveted item, so that there are none left by the time I get there. The Green Tea and Aloe Foaming Hand Wash by Method is one of those items.

I first discovered it at a friend's house. There was something immensely satisfying about pressing down the pump dispenser and watching that bright green liquid from the bottle emerge as a pale green foam in the palm of my hand. When I went to Target a few days later to buy it, it was sold out. But only in this fragrance, and only in the foaming version (Method makes two other fragrances: eucalyptus mint and sweet water, and each fragrance also comes in a liquid soap formula). When I went back to Target a week later, they had gotten some more in, but there were only two left. Of course I bought them both, feeling quite proud of myself for scooping those "women in the know." Hell, maybe I'm one of those women in the know!

At $2.99 each, you, too, can afford to buy out the store's entire stock of Method Foaming Hand Wash. Method products are available at Target, or online at


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