Cheeky Tart(e)!

For the most natural flush of color for your cheeks, nothing beats the cheek stains from Tarte. These award-winning tubes of solid gel give the sheerest hint of color, like you just pinched your cheeks. They even smell good – like Jell-O, with the fragrance matching the color of the stain. Blushing Bride, a deep burgundy, smells like Black Raspberry, whereas True Love, a sheer bright pink, smells like Strawberry – unless I'm just imagining things, which is entirely possible.

To give your lips a just-bitten hue of sheer berry to go with your flushed cheeks, try Tarte's Rise and Shine Plumping Lip Stain. The double-ended applicator features a tube of liquid lip stain on one end, and a tube of plumping lip gloss in a sheer cherry red color on the other.

If you're interested in trying Tarte's cheek stain and plumping lip stain, you're in luck. Tarte offers a full-sized True Love cheek stain packaged with a mini Rise and Shine lip stain. Called "Loving the Fast Stain," the kit is a bargain at $30 (the cheek stain alone is $28, so for $2 more you get to try the lip stain). It would be the perfect makeup look for Valentine's Day. I know it's a couple of weeks away, but I'm telling you now so you'll have plenty of time to go out and buy the set before that big Valentine's Day date. But the "Loving the Fast Stain" kit is only available at Sephora (Prudential Center, Boston) or at

"True Love" for Valentine's Day. Isn't that what we all want? Needless to say, I've got my "Loving the Fast Stain" kit already. Now all I need is a date…


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